Friday, August 5, 2011

August in the studio

It feels so good to be in the studio again, reconnecting with colors and textures after feeling thwarted for the first half of the summer.  I'm creating some sleek new work for a sales opportunity that recently came my way for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.  (See the sidebar at right for details on "The Pop-Up Shop".)  Some of my half-formed ideas will be on hold as I ramp up into production mode for the fall season of shows.

I hope to take photos of new work next week, so please check back.

Last week a new acquaintance visited the studio, a fellow felter I met through a former neighbor at a Talmadge show.  I loved talking shop and having the chance to get to know someone new, someone I hope will become a friend in time.  I feel quite isolated doing this work and fervently wish there were a felting community in the San Diego area or an organization somewhere in the US.  (If there is one, I haven't been able to find it.)  I had a wonderful community as a weaver, both local and national, and it was a nurturing and fertile environment.  (I'm still part of it, but since I hardly ever weave these days, I'm primarily an observer for now.) 

I'm supremely happy working in the solitude of my studio, but I do miss having colleagues to turn to for support and for learning.  (If you happen to be a southern California felter, dear reader, please contact me!)