Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time flies in my studio

Yes, I'm still here!  I've been felting away, producing lots of new work for spring shows, and somehow the months have flown past.  

We're enjoying southern California spring in all its glory, which means it's summer one day, raining and cold the next - even had snow in our local mountains two weekends ago, followed by 90-degree temperatures this past weekend!  Keeps us on our toes.

My garden inspires me in all seasons, and right now it is in full bloom.  The last freesias are fading, the blue hibiscus and orange lion's tail are vying for attention, mountain lilac and pride-of-Madeira cover the back hillside, and Meyer lemon blossoms smell divine.  It all means lots of color in new felt. 

Last weekend's Artwear show was a success and a lot of fun.  It was my first time there as a guest artist, and I enjoyed meeting the other artists, new clients and potential clients.  The setting was a fantastic house and garden in Carlsbad, 40 miles north of San Diego.  Here is my booth in the "Secret Garden" on a brilliant morning.  The vessels really glowed in the sunshine.

I'm pleased to report that I've recently been accepted as a member of Spanish Village Art Center, located in our wonderful Balboa Park.  I'm exploring whether to associate with one of the studios there or remain a member-at-large; watch for a post about that soon.

New to my vessel collection this spring are mini vessels.  Each is a unique "treasure keeper" for your rings, a beautiful bead, a few handy paper clips...  Lots of fun to make, and a terrific way to use up bits of wool and silk that accumulate in my scrap drawer.  Come see the assortment in my booth at the Talmadge Art Show on May 6.