Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring fever

We fiber artists are not immune from spring fever.  I wander into my studio, stare out the window, play around with colors for a while, wander out to the sofa, take a nap...

In my southern California garden, nature is putting on a show.  I draw a lot of inspiration from the local landscape, so it's an exciting time. 

When I do manage to buckle down to work, I've been felting handwoven fabric into the surface of my vessels.  As a long-time weaver and collector of other people's odds and ends along with my own, I have quite a stash to play with.  I like the results so far and will be doing more of this.

My most successful piece in this new genre is shown at the top of my new Gallery 3 page on this site. It's part of a series of natural-colored basket forms that are now for sale at Zazen in Coronado. Funny to be using browns and tans in the midst of spring's riot! Ah well -- all part of the adventure.