Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A whole lot of stuff

Last week I bought some much-needed shelving for my studio.  Sounds simple, but you know how one thing leads to another... 

First, I moved all the bins and boxes that were stacked in the corner where the shelves would go.  Then (two trips to Home Depot later) my husband and I assembled the shelving.  Then all the bins, and more, went onto those blessed new shelves.  So far so good.
I also I wanted to move the desk and its hutch from their place, serving as sort of a room divider, across the room to sit against the wall near the shelves.  So of course I had to take everything from the hutch and the desk top and stash it somewhere in the meantime.  (Isn't that what work tables are for?)  Anyway, moving furniture was the easy part.  The hard part was coming face to face with just how much stuff I have in my studio:  books, magazines, papers, all kinds of aging art supplies, a decent amount of felting wool, and yarn, yarn, yarn. 

Before I became a felter, I had been weaving for nearly 20 years.  And if you're a handweaver, or you know one, you know that we are by nature yarn junkies.  Despite having woven only two scarves in the past year, despite my loom standing empty more often than not, I still have the most amazing yarn collection.  But why? (apart from the fact that I love looking at it all.) Clearly, I need either to part with most of it (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!) or to start weaving seriously again.  I'm pondering...
Here is a sampling - maybe 2% of my stash.  And below is my newly reorganized studio, almost ready to felt in again!