Sunday, June 12, 2016

New work, plus new website coming this summer

I'm in process of designing a new website.  Watch this space for a link when it goes live.

Meanwhile, I've added a "Recent Work" page with some of my latest gossamer Nuno scarves and needle-felted animal figures.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Filling my time when I gallery sit

I gallery sit 4-6 days a month at Studio 40 in Spanish Village as part of my partnership there.  It's a lovely and comfortable space (You should visit if you haven't yet.)  But it isn't a good place for wet-felting, at least not the way I do it -- splashy, messy, equipment-intensive, and spread out on every available surface! 

So what to do during those five hours in the Village, in between helping shoppers?  Prep and finishing of wet-felted pieces usually isn't enough to fill the time.  Yet I want to be somehow making art, not reading magazines or watching movies on my computer.

It turns out that needle-felting is the perfect activity.  I can work on a small desk, the materials are compact and portable, and I can easily stop and start as people come and go in the studio.

I've always said I don't like needle-felting.  It's tedious and repetitive and yet requires full attention in order to avoid stabbing my fingers.  That's still how I feel. 

But I confess:  I am madly in love with these little critters I've been making!  I hope you can see why. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Adding some magic

Eucalyptus Series:
Blossoms & Butterfly

A couple of years ago, I created three small wall pieces, each nine inches square, on a eucalyptus theme.  One of them, Eucalyptus Grove (See image on my Wall Art gallery page), sold relatively quickly.  The other two hung unsold at Spanish Village for quite a long time.  And the longer they hung there, the more they bored me.  I finally took them down a couple of months ago and brought them home to my studio to consider how they might be salvaged.
Eucalyptus Series:

I liked the work I'd done too much to put the pieces on the recycle pile.  But they both needed something more.  What might be found on the trunk of a eucalyptus tree?  What might hang on a branch besides leaves?  What would look natural on the backgrounds I'd already created?
Here are the pieces, before and after.  I'm very pleased with them now.  So however long they may hang before they sell, at least now I will enjoy looking at them.