Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Filling my time when I gallery sit

I gallery sit 4-6 days a month at Studio 40 in Spanish Village as part of my partnership there.  It's a lovely and comfortable space (You should visit if you haven't yet.)  But it isn't a good place for wet-felting, at least not the way I do it -- splashy, messy, equipment-intensive, and spread out on every available surface! 

So what to do during those five hours in the Village, in between helping shoppers?  Prep and finishing of wet-felted pieces usually isn't enough to fill the time.  Yet I want to be somehow making art, not reading magazines or watching movies on my computer.

It turns out that needle-felting is the perfect activity.  I can work on a small desk, the materials are compact and portable, and I can easily stop and start as people come and go in the studio.

I've always said I don't like needle-felting.  It's tedious and repetitive and yet requires full attention in order to avoid stabbing my fingers.  That's still how I feel. 

But I confess:  I am madly in love with these little critters I've been making!  I hope you can see why. 

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